Nutritional therapy in chinese medicine, digital

Peter Torssell is giving three day lecture series on nutritional therapy in Chinese medicine.

The lecture series is part of the curriculum for students of the Academy of Chinese Medicine (Finland), but we welcome other students and practitioners with basic knowledge of Chinese medicine to join the lectures.

Peter is the head of Akupunkturakademin in Stockholm and the author of book on Chinese food therapy. He has been in clinic since 1988, treating patients using Acupuncture, food regulation and herbs. Peter received his Bachelor of Chinese medicine 2005 from Jiangxi university of TCM. Peter also lectured as guest lecturer in Swedish universities, and in different countries such as Belgium, Ireland, England, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland on how to regulate health with Chinese food therapy – Yinyang & Four types.

The lectures are organized as remote lectures via Zoom. The course is in English and the lectures are not being recorded.

Time: Fri-Sun 14.-16.4. from 09:00 to 18:00 on all days.
Price: Price 319€ (incl. 24% VAT). Billing in advance.

Description of the course content

Food as medicine 2023 – Yin Yang & 4 types with Peter Torssell


  • Goal of health and advice; prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and the role of food
  • Defining the basics of classical Chinese medicine
  • Chinese medical theory and method
  • Dealing with trust and information
  • Modern patients and modern foods and life style
  • Method of Yin yang & Four types
  • Preconditions for giving advice for the best clinical results
  • The role of Spleen Stomach
  • Basic principles of eating
  • Understanding the effect of all diets and food items
  • Observation diagnosis and body types
  • Understanding what to eat, how much and when
  • Insulin resistance and Chinese medicine
  • Food recipes
  • Patient cases
  • What to eat, How much and when

Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion chief editor Cheng Xinnong (Foreign languages press, Beijing, ISBN 0-8351-2109-7) Rekommenderad kurslitt.

Akupunktur Kinesisk Läkekonst Del 1 av Reijo Pöyhönen. Rekommenderad kurslitt.

The foundations of chinese medicine Giovanni Maciocia (Churchill Livingstone, Andra upplagan)

A manual of acupuncture Peter Deadman m.fl (ISBN 0-9510546-78)

Restoring order in health and chinese medicine av Stephen Birch mfl (Fördjupning)

Kinesisk kostlära av Peter Torssell

D.I.Y. Dao av Peter Torssell och Johnny Torssell

Akupunkturakademin erbjuder en gedigen treårig grundutbildning på distans. Grundutbildningen leder fram till en yrkesexamen av internationell standard. Efter genomförd utbildning skall eleven kunna arbeta som självständig terapeut. Detta kräver såväl tekniska färdigheter som människokunskap och självkännedom.