Everyone eats so everyone is chosing a medicinal effect. With Peter Torssell


Is it the effect we want?

That eating has specific effects on our lives has been obvious for thousands of years in China and the experience of the hundreds of millions chinese is a treasure house of knowledge that we should use to get clinical effects. All patients are eating so we have to understand if their habits are supporting or disrupting our attempts to help. This knowledge is still evolving as it confronts a massive increase of diseases of affluence and modern research but the theories of TCM certainly come to use. I will cover how to prevent and treat with the use of foods.

To get started with the basics of Food as medicine and how to get clinical effects on individuals there are some things we have to understand from the point of view of chinese medicine.

In Belgium the general planning for the two parts are described below.


Dates for teachings on FOOD AS MEDICINE:

I´m lecturing in english on Chinese food therapy and how to get the best clinical effects from foods: There are some basic important things that I teach that no other book has covered.

In Antwerpen, Belgium; module1


In Denmark; the dates haven´t been set yet.

Syllabus for chineses food therapy part one.

The basic:

- history, tradition, reseach and what to trust

  • everything consumed is medicine; coffee, tobacco, salt, oils, alcohol, sweets etc

  • the different tastes

  • What´s needed to give good advice

  • Principles of eating

  • Heat and cold

  • Food proportions of the plate and different diets lika Atkins, vegan, macrobiotic etc

  • Wei and Qi of food

  • yin yang regulation and modern problems like metabolic syndrome

  • observation diagnosis for food, an important chinese typology

  • food recipes; different syndromes and ailments

    Syllabus for chinese food therapy part two.

    More advanced:

  • Repetition with examples

  • Deeper into observation diagnosis with examples

  • colors

  • fawu

  • Materia medica; important food items to get effects and nourishment

  • Recipes

  • Different syndromes, diseases and ailments

  • Understanding the dynamics of recipes

  • Synergetics among organs


FOOD AS MEDICINE - LECTURES 2016 WITH PETER TORSSELL With the base in chinese medicine and traditions but embracing the modern to prevent ant treat common ailments and diseases.

Keep it as simple as possible, but not simpler than that to regulate qi, strenghten the organs and how to understand how all foods affect us.
The long history of both western and chinese medicine have valued food as perhaps the best medicine and both traditions share some characteristics. Using chinese medical terminology to explain how to use this in diagnosis, understanding how food affects us and giving advice on what to eat for health.

In english: Antwerpen: part 1 http://www.otcg.be/index-nl.aspx.
akupunkturakademiet.dk (see above)

In swedish: Oslo: : axelsons.no/mat-som-medisin Stockholm: ; del 1 Peter och Elisa Liao, 18-20/12; del 2 Peter och Elisa Liao

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